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Jody Rothfeld



Because she will literally hang off a cliff for you! Duh!?? ;)

Why work with me

From Rebecca:
Capturing people isn’t just a job to you, it’s a passion and a privilege and that shines through in your process and results!

Why work with me

From Laura:

If you look at any photo you’ve taken . Everyone is beaming with love in front of - and obviously behind - the lens. Your passion shows in ways words truly cannot fully capture, but it’s made very clear in the beauty seen in your photos. From small flowers to canyons, intimate couple shots to huge family celebrations- every shot tells a story!!


You make the process of a typical shoot easy, comfortable, as if it’s THE one and only most important moment! You make everyone feel like family!

Why work with me

From Liz:
a) She is amazing
b) The photos she has taken of my family bring me joy every time I look at them!

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