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ArtFactory Nov 3, 2017 7:46:01 PM 1 min read

Work space and generating new business clients


We've interviewed successful creative entrepreneurs; and why they can't continue to work at home.


  • got bored and locked in creative thinking
  • missed stimuli
  • locked on networking with people
  • needed more movement and activity

TheArtFactory studios are very fashionable

  • friendly 
  • spatial 
  • inspiring
  • conducive

Who uses it? Studios are great for freelancers, startups and owners of one or several companies.
Working at home, you are constantly exposed to the same stimuli that trigger old habits. Everything in your apartment or home does not remain indifferent to your ability to be focused on your work. At your fingertips you have: tempting fridge, tempting couch, tempting favorite books and series... well you get the point..
The solution is to set up a workplace where you can be productive. This can help you to separate yourself from all bad habits and focus on your work. 

Remember, that one of the most important success factors in business is going out to people and doing active networking. TheArtFactory inspiring space can significantly contribute to improving the productivity and efficiency of your work.

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