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ArtFactory Mar 28, 2019 6:23:16 PM 1 min read

TheArtFactory Story

 TheArtFactory is a resolute example of preservation in the face of common practice. It's a modern conversion of Dolphin Jute Textile Mills in Paterson, NJ historic district.
Celebrity acclaimed film-photo location currently inspires young couples to develop their own vision for the industrial chic wedding with the assistance of TheArtFactory creative team.
This unique venue is twisting the head, as well as eyebrows. The renovation concept revolves around a simple notion of following the demand and being in-tuned with the inner voice of the industrial buildings complex while welcoming the modern millennial concepts. That’s the magic to conjure up a collection of spaces and views that are normally reserved for the design group from the ground up. TheArtFactory is a collective experience. 
From the street, it is a shattering introduction to the industrial building's complex that is slowly beginning to reveal itself before it's auspiciously on the border between genius and madness. On entering the front door, however, these fears give way to awe and wonder. The interiors are almost exclusively exposed bricks with native hardwood parquet floors and sun flooded spacious galleries with rows of industrial windows. TheArtFactory design completely embraces the idea of conservation without hassles by combining a modern complement with a proud but modest existing structure. The native energy of the space is beyond inspiring and an absolute "must see".