Loft Wedding Venue in New Jersey

Imagine your wedding  in a venue with hardwood floors from 1880, exposed brick walls, and a cathedral ceiling with a skylight. With these gorgeous features, the possibilities for enchanting loft celebrations are endless. The loft wedding venues from TheArtFactory in New Jersey provide this stunning background for your big day.

Our Hemp and Linen venues are spacious enough to host elegant weddings of all sizes but intimate enough to make every guest feel like they are a part of your special moment. Even if you are not hosting a wedding, you can enjoy the unique setup of our venues for any and all of your loft events.

Our Idyllic Venues for Loft Wedding Receptions

There is simply nothing like our Hemp loft wedding venue. With 18,000 square feet of space, hardwood floors from 1880, 23’ loft ceilings, and the largest altar/chuppah in New Jersey, you will feel like you are getting married at the Met Gala. This space has been dubbed the “Wow Venue” because that’s what all guests say when the huge freight elevator door opens into the grand wedding venue. The large factory windows, uplighting, movie-style props, photo vignettes, and lounge and bar areas will help your loft wedding reception stand out.

Our Linen wedding venue is attached to the Hemp room by a bridge — four stories up! Hold your loft wedding celebrations under the huge, factory-made Edison chandeliers. Guests have used the space for either just cocktails or dinner and dancing. No matter what you have in mind for your loft celebrations, our wedding planning team and decor specialists will deliver the “wow factor” and ensure your big day goes off without a hitch.

When you rent one of our industrial wedding venues, you will also receive access to our elegant wedding suites. Here, you, your future spouse, and each of your parties can get ready and prepare for amazing wedding celebrations.

Our Guide to Planning Loft-Style Wedding Parties

When you’re searching for venues for your wedding, you may not have first thought of a loft as the perfect space for your special day. However, something magical happens when you pair old wood floors, exposed brick, peeling paint, and visible pipes with wedding decor — not unlike the spark of love you experienced with your special someone. If you’re ready to host your wedding in a loft, follow our professionals’ tips for planning loft-style wedding parties in New Jersey:

Find a Venue Space With Character

The point of having an industrial-chic wedding is to let the rustic features of your venue shine. Our loft wedding venues in New Jersey are full of character that can make your wedding day celebrations even more majestic. The repurposed factories have been transformed into timeless capsules that sprinkle your modern-day wedding with stories of the generations before you. Pair the storied architecture with modern decor for one of the most unique loft wedding parties in your friend group.

Illuminate the Space

An easy way to create the perfect mood during loft wedding events is to place different types of lights throughout the venue. Not only do they create a certain ambiance, but they also act as the perfect fixtures during photoshoots. Popular lighting options for loft wedding celebrations include:

  • Chandeliers
  • Edison Lights
  • Marquee Lights
  • Votives

Our loft wedding venues already feature Edison lights, but we would certainly be happy to discuss other lighting options you can incorporate into your ceremony or reception.

Explore the Latest Loft Wedding Ideas

The best thing about loft wedding parties is that the venue accounts for most of the decorations you need. A few well-placed floral arrangements or lights could give you a space to die for. But if you would like to go for something more unique, try these loft wedding ideas:

  • Dress up the venue with greenery
  • Hang unexpected items on the wall, like empty frames or umbrellas
  • Go for a specific theme like an evening in Paris or a holiday-themed wedding
  • Artfully place floor lamps around your reception room for an inviting feel
  • Drape fabric throughout the venue to draw the eye upwards or toward the front of the room where the bride and groom are
  • Mix items made with galvanized metal, gold or copper, stainless steel, and reclaimed wood into your decor for an especially industrial-chic look

Think About Photo Opportunities

Another great thing about special event lofts is that they have an array of fantastic photo opportunities. Whether an old, crumbling staircase or exposed brick wall, these rustic, charming features can act as the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Our wedding planners will help you find all the best places for posing with your future spouse, family, and friends.

Enjoy Our Venue for Loft Parties of All Kinds

Our loft venues in New Jersey are not just for weddings. They can also be used as a venue for corporate events or as one of the spunkiest bar mitzvah venues ever seen. Our special event lofts will provide an intimate space for networking with other professionals or partying with your closest friends. Whether you need space to set up a small stage for presentations or establish a dance floor, our lofts can be customized to meet your needs. Simply let our staff know what your visions are for your loft parties, and we’ll do everything we can to help you create the perfect party space.

Book Our Loft Wedding Venue Today

Turn your dreams into reality when you host your loft wedding events at our New Jersey venues. Our specialists will work closely with you to create an industrial-chic wedding you will be proud of and your guests will fall in love with. Even if you are not planning a wedding and are instead looking to host loft events for your business, our repurposed factory spaces will present the perfect backdrop for your purposes. Contact us today to learn more about our lofts.