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Expo Center in New Jersey

Being a business owner or a part of the professional world means you’re exposed to a variety of concepts, opportunities, and events that will expand your professional network, expose you to potential customers and business connections, or enhance your company itself. When you’re looking for ways to build professional expertise or better your business network, hosting or attending events like expos, conventions, conferences, and trade shows are excellent avenues for expansion.

TheArtFactory proudly plays host to a variety of business marketing events over the course of the year. If you need an expo center in New Jersey for your conference or trade show events, our facility can meet your needs. We have thousands of square feet of space to host events of all sizes. We also have professional event planners on hand to help with every detail to ensure your corporate event goes without a hitch

What We Offer

Our facility has 20,000 square feet of expo space, which can be configured to suit the unique needs of your upcoming trade show, convention, or conference. Whether you want to have a certain number of booths in one area or multiple spaces for breakout sessions, we’ll customize our event space in accordance with your specifications.

Your guests will enjoy ample, accessible parking and a warm welcome from our friendly, professional staff. Most importantly, your attendees won’t have to worry about how they’ll keep their mobile devices powered up because we have plenty of power sources available for charging stations.


We don’t just make it easy for attendees to enjoy themselves during the business marketing events we host at our location. We also make it simple for vendors to deliver the supplies necessary to make your event a success. We have numerous loading and unloading areas that make pickups and deliveries a breeze.

Our Corporate Event Venue Brings the “Wow” Factor

When planning corporate events, your first instinct is to book a hotel conference center or banquet hall. However, this is what everyone does. If you want your large-scale events to stand out and impress your guests, you need to book a memorable space that looks amazing and can be customized to meet your events’ specifications. While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s easier than you think. TheArtFactory has everything you need to host conventions and expo events that are a step above the rest.

Expo Events

Also called trade fairs, expos or expositions can be small- or large-scale events in which businesses and companies in a specific niche come together to showcase their services and products or promote new business developments. When companies attend trade fair events, they will be able to demonstrate their products, explain their services, and answer questions about how their companies work. They will also be able to connect with similar companies or those they can work with in the future.

Just as they would at trade shows, businesses should set up a booth to display their products and features when they participate in expos. Our expo center in New Jersey has plenty of space for hundreds of businesses to comfortably set up booths dedicated to showcasing their offerings. When you choose our space for hosting your trade fair events, our professional staff will help you design a configuration that allows for an easy flow of attendees and vendors through the room.

Convention Events

Typically focusing on a specific industry, society, political party, or members of a particular organization, conventions are large-scale meetings or promotional events that offer a formal community experience and the chance to network. If businesses want to connect with professionals who can help them expand their offerings, they will commonly attend convention events.

Our corporate venue features plenty of space for businesses of all sizes to come with attention-catching convention displays and noteworthy booths. When you host your convention at our expo center, you will provide attendees the chance to meet like-minded professionals and expand their businesses in a venue that is not easily forgettable.

Our Trade Show Venue Is Ideal for Events of All Sizes

Similar to expos, trade show events are product fairs where companies in the same or similar industries demonstrate and showcase their new offerings. Characteristics of a great trade show include a variety of booths and companies exchanging ideas and information. Hosting this type of business event at our expo center in New Jersey provides a great setting for companies to find new clients and partner with other businesses. Whether you have a specific layout in mind for the various booths participating in your event or you’re unsure how each booth should be arranged, our event planners can help you customize the space to meet your needs.

Our Conference Venue Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

Similar to conventions, but more formal, conference events are professional opportunities to exchange education and information through a consultatory setting with a formal agenda. You can host this kind of event at our New Jersey venue when you want to help other professionals develop their industry knowledge, learn current practices or developments, and have professional discussions with people in their industry.

Our corporate venue can accommodate different sized stages, breakout sessions, and table-and-chair configurations. We would be happy to help you plan the layout of the venue and the flow of key-note speakers and presentations. During the event, our staff will be on standby to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Multiethnic group of young business people using laptop sitting on meeting in conference hall


Our facility is equipped with a variety of features, including:

  • AC / Heat
  • WiFi
  • Existing Furniture
  • Restrooms
  • Flexible House Lighting
  • Projector / Screen
  • Ground Floor Venue
  • Tall Ceilings
  • Kitchen
  • DJ Stage
  • Existing Event Lighting
  • Stage
  • Natural Light
  • Outdoor Space


Our facility’s accessibility features include:

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Direct Street Access
  • Loading Dock
  • Parking Across the Street

Select the Best Venue for Your Corporate Events Today

The venue you choose can affect the overall success of your event. When you book the expo center at TheArtFactory in New Jersey, you can trust every aspect of your corporate event will go without a hitch. You can even rent our industrial office space if you need a place to work and plan the event. For more information about our corporate venues, contact our team today!