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You Belong Here


Art Factory Studios is a creative community, as much a business incubator as it is a nexus of creativity bringing together filmmakers, painters, sculptors, photographers, - a dynamic hub of commerce and culture.
Art Factory Studios

24-hour access

Art Factory never closes! That's Great flexibility whether you hold regular business hours, work nights or weekends, or everyday like most of us!

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Film & Photo

Spielberg and Scorsese shoot movies at the Art Factory for a reason! Members can shoot content in the space locations, and as you know content is King!


Private studios

Office, workspace and retail studios from $700 - $3,000/mo, and from 120sf - 1,000 sf. Private studio rental comes with full Art Factory membership.


Shared studios

Share your studio with up to 4 other "partners" to spread the cost and increase the collaboration! Each partner is a full Art Factory member.


Security guards

24/7 security guards limit access to members and their guests/clients while monitoring video CCTV cameras throughout for a protected workplace.


Onsite eatery

No need to leave the campus for your coffee, sandwich or dinner with clients! Break bread and exchange ideas in comfort with pleasant surrounds.


Meeting rooms

Need a larger conference-room style space for a business meeting?  Private and semi-private meeting rooms are available to members each day.


Art galleries

Art factory members curate our onsite galleries which are open for public exhibition on a regular basis, to coincide with open studios.


Wood+Metal Shops

We all have a bit of maker in us! Art Factory builds its own furniture, creates props and maintains the campus via our shops to which all have access.


Outdoor spaces

Art Factory is it's own city, and every city needs a park, right? Stroll out the back of the Factory into the National Park and energy of the Great Falls!


Communal areas

Your private studio is just your home base. Members have access to ALL common areas, inside and outside for work, collaboration and inspo!



Promote your brand by hosting public workshops, classes and exhibitions. Collaborate with fellow members for a greater reach!


Social Networking

This is BIG! You're not alone anymore! Art Factory members encourage, teach, learn, share and cross-promote each other. An exclusive club!


Clubhouse mixers

Be part of your community folks! Mix it up with other members, shoot some pool and have a few drinks with your invited guests in our exclusive member club.



See if the Art Factory works for you without the commitment! Month-to-month or longer terms to suit your needs. Great for startups and temp projects!



Finally! A world of like-minded creatives all connected with our membership app, all under one roof working, sharing and growing. What a life!


Interior private studio approx. 130 sf. Best for recording studios or photographers/filmmakers who want to store their equipment, have a workstation for editing and private appointments and use the common spaces for shooting and production.


Next level up interior private studio approx. 175 sf. Great for emerging entrepreneurs moving from home office to professional business level. Ample space for desk, chairs, client lounge and storage. 


Window private studio approx. 180 sf. Perfect for artists looking for natural light or professionals intending to spend a large amount of time in their private studio because the large factory windows bring the outside world into your loft studio.


Window private studio approx. 230 sf. Perfect for your professional office - large enough for several team members to have their own workstations, plus a client lounge. 


Private 350 sf, 2-window studio with WATER.  Great for artist who needs a sink in her studio or hairdresser salon. 


You made it! That's what this level of studio means! 550 sf, multiple large windows plus sink. You win with this studio.  

Retail and Other Store Spaces

Impressing your customers matters a lot, which is why it’s a smart choice to rent a New Jersey retail store space from TheArtFactory! We’ll wow them with our beautiful, clean store spaces as soon as they come in the door. If your customers feel comfortable yet energized by your store environment, they’re more likely to spend time browsing your products and making purchases that bring in the cash flow your business needs.

Work for another customer-facing business besides a retail store? TheArtFactory wants to find you a space, too! Whether you’re an insurance company or a real estate firm, standing out from your competitors can make the difference between scoring that big sale and losing out to someone else in the industry. Renting a New Jersey office space that lingers in your clients or customers’ minds is key, so you can help them remember the connections they’ve made inside your office, too.

Industrial Offices and Production Facilities

Industrial offices are in high demand. Fortunately, we rent out industrial offices as well as spaces to utilize as production facilities or anything you might build, sell, customize, repair, and more. Do you work in an unusual or niche type of production career that you’re worried about finding a space for? If you have specific requirements for your production facilities, we can accommodate many different possibilities. In fact, since much of our real estate is located on the grounds of a former rope factory, we can help you access loading docks, freight elevators, and other production, shipping, and transportation necessities.

Studio Spaces

Are you working in the creative industry in or around New Jersey? Make our studio spaces the place where your career takes off or advances to the next level. Whether you work alone or are part of a team, you’ll be in good company among other creatives who love renting studio space with us! Our rentals are perfect for photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, and anyone else who loves the visual arts. We also rent out studio and office space for musicians, sound editors, and even programmers and video game designers. No matter what you love to create, we can help you find the place to do it.

Training and Education Spaces

Access to training and education spaces is crucial for people learning a trade, developing their skills, or taking a class. If you’re a tutor, teacher, or other instructor, investing in a dedicated space to host the people you’re teaching can promote positivity, creativity, and teamwork. Plus, research shows that high-quality training and education spaces can enhance concentration and productivity. Want to wow your employees? Rent one of our spaces and take everyone out for a training day that they won’t forget!

Does your company have hundreds of employees, or do you need a place to hold a convention, speaker panel, or other corporate event with a massive attendee list? We do more than just rent out office spaces — we can also rent out our expo center for anything you might need.

Find Office Space for Your New Jersey Team!

Whether you need a huge corporate office space or a specialized place for your production facility, TheArtFactory can find a place for you! No matter how many people you’re trying to find space for, we can work with you to explore rental options that you and your team will love.

Ready to grow your business in one of our office or store spaces or interested in our expo center? Get in touch with our experts to discuss what we can do for you, or give us a call anytime!