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Office Space in New Jersey

A great working and learning environment can help employees reach their maximum potential. However, not all office spaces are created equal. Many companies settle for renting that worn-down corner office at the half-empty corporate center or a dingy studio space at their local strip mall. Don’t be like them — find someplace that really gets your team energized to work.

Whether you need studio spaces, small or large office spaces, or even specialized training and education spaces or production facilities, TheArtFactory will help you find the right rental space so you can take your business further than ever before! Keep reading to find out about the different New Jersey office spaces that your company can rent with the help of our experts.

Small and Large Office Spaces

Need to rent sales, corporate, or retail offices in New Jersey? We provide a huge variety of small and large office spaces alike, featuring historic hardwood floors and impressive vaulted ceilings. Even the smallest retail offices we offer are beautiful and functional for just about anything you can dream of! When you rent an office space with us, you'll start with your very own blank canvas. We do all the hard work so you can get right to work setting up whatever your employees and team members need to succeed.


Enterprise Space

Art Factory is a City-within-a City; nearly 300,000 sf of historic factory loft space on a 5-acre, 21 building campus located 12 miles from NYC. Art Factory has adapted this 180 year old former rope factory which lies adjacent to the new Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park to a vibrant campus used for creative business, community, shopping, dining and events.  Visit the Art Factory to browse our retail shops, dine in our cafe, scout for your film or photo shoot, meet our many creative vendors or check out our iconic loft spaces and meet with our design team. 

There is no place like the Art Factory!  No fancy catering hall, country club or rustic barn can compare. Art Factory CREATED a new one-of-a-kind, avant-garde production facility!

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Retail and Other Store Spaces

Impressing your customers matters a lot, which is why it’s a smart choice to rent a New Jersey retail store space from TheArtFactory! We’ll wow them with our beautiful, clean store spaces as soon as they come in the door. If your customers feel comfortable yet energized by your store environment, they’re more likely to spend time browsing your products and making purchases that bring in the cash flow your business needs.

Work for another customer-facing business besides a retail store? TheArtFactory wants to find you a space, too! Whether you’re an insurance company or a real estate firm, standing out from your competitors can make the difference between scoring that big sale and losing out to someone else in the industry. Renting a New Jersey office space that lingers in your clients or customers’ minds is key, so you can help them remember the connections they’ve made inside your office, too.

Industrial Offices and Production Facilities

Industrial offices are in high demand. Fortunately, we rent out industrial offices as well as spaces to utilize as production facilities or anything you might build, sell, customize, repair, and more. Do you work in an unusual or niche type of production career that you’re worried about finding a space for? If you have specific requirements for your production facilities, we can accommodate many different possibilities. In fact, since much of our real estate is located on the grounds of a former rope factory, we can help you access loading docks, freight elevators, and other production, shipping, and transportation necessities.

Studio Spaces

Are you working in the creative industry in or around New Jersey? Make our studio spaces the place where your career takes off or advances to the next level. Whether you work alone or are part of a team, you’ll be in good company among other creatives who love renting studio space with us! Our rentals are perfect for photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors, and anyone else who loves the visual arts. We also rent out studio and office space for musicians, sound editors, and even programmers and video game designers. No matter what you love to create, we can help you find the place to do it.

Training and Education Spaces

Access to training and education spaces is crucial for people learning a trade, developing their skills, or taking a class. If you’re a tutor, teacher, or other instructor, investing in a dedicated space to host the people you’re teaching can promote positivity, creativity, and teamwork. Plus, research shows that high-quality training and education spaces can enhance concentration and productivity. Want to wow your employees? Rent one of our spaces and take everyone out for a training day that they won’t forget!

Does your company have hundreds of employees, or do you need a place to hold a convention, speaker panel, or other corporate event with a massive attendee list? We do more than just rent out office spaces — we can also rent out our expo center for anything you might need.

Find Office Space for Your New Jersey Team!

Whether you need a huge corporate office space or a specialized place for your production facility, TheArtFactory can find a place for you! No matter how many people you’re trying to find space for, we can work with you to explore rental options that you and your team will love.

Ready to grow your business in one of our office or store spaces or interested in our expo center? Get in touch with our experts to discuss what we can do for you, or give us a call anytime!