Brand: Ultimate

The Ultimate Caterer is a full service  catering company That is known for their  Unique cutting edge Cuisine , Phenomenal  Friendly service and Creative Elegant Mind blowing Presentations. For almost  years we have been providing culinary excellence and event management services that make visions and dreams become a reality for your big day.  We pride ourselves with providing gracious, honest, and reliable service  At a reasonable price.  Orchestrating every aspect of your event to ensure a fabulous celebration that you and your family and friends will remember  and  Rave about for Many years to come.Alan the Chef,Owner and Ed Foley  Director of operations  And Events consultant  ,who has been with the company for almost 25 years, are experts and will customize your event and tailor it to your taste, style and budget while giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process. We are constantly creating new presentations and recipes to thrill you and your guests. Our  Kind compassionate services  Are elegant BEYOND compare. Our Culinary team is flexible and our menus are customizeable  To suit any Ethnic tastes.  We offer full Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian and Allergy friendly  Our Mixologist will Create Awesome Handcrafted cocktails customized for your event.  

At your service  Alan Perl

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