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Take a journey back in time as you walk down the historic aisle

Take a journey back in time as you walk down the historic aisle at one of the magnificent/ breathtaking lofts of TheArtFactory. Admire the spectacular views. Our expert and courteous staff are on hand to accommodate your requests.

After a difficult season sans large-scale events, celebrations are back, and they truly are bigger than ever before, which is something that our 2022 wedding trends forecast confirms. Here are the leading motifs, like bold color, new-age florals, interactive entertainment, and fun, are driven by this return to party-mode. We're here for it, and know you are, too. Ahead, discover—and get inspired by—the wedding trends to bookmark in the new year.


Interactive Themed Entertainment

Yes, entertainment has always been a central focus of weddings. "From headliners to Hamilton solos, we are seeing a ton of musical diversity becoming an absolute priority." This approach will extend beyond music: "New surprise entertainment—think fortune tellers and professional dancers—will be embedded into the guests' space, making the wow factor more legit." Couples are now "segmenting" their event's performances and choosing specific artists for each part of their event. "At one event, we had a cello for the ceremony, a second line, a violinist for cocktails, a brass band for dinner, and 18th century retro costumes for the dancing portion of the evening," she says. "Attendees were blown away—I see this trend as prominent for 2022-23”