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Art Factory is a City-within-a City; nearly 300,000 sf of historic factory loft space on a 5-acre, 21 building campus located 12 miles from NYC. Art Factory has adapted this 180 year old former rope factory which lies adjacent to the new Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park to a vibrant campus used for creative business, community, shopping, dining and events.  Visit the Art Factory to browse our retail shops, dine in our cafe, scout for your film or photo shoot, meet our many creative vendors or check out our amazing wedding lofts and meet with our design team. 

There is no place like the Art Factory!  No fancy catering hall, country club or rustic barn can compare. Art Factory CREATED a new one-of-a-kind, avant-garde production facility!  

Tour scouting includes:

  • Delicious coffee
  • Historical overview of properties 
  • Blueprints | floor plans | maps

Tips To Consider:

  • Scout for the best picture
  • Choose the best production value (all in one location)
  • Explore onsite catering option
  • Ask for floor plans 

The Best Film Photo Location elevates creative soul, with all it's raw elements and unique textures ignites creative interpretations. Best locations are versatile and accessible: freight elevators, loading docks, free egress.

Making movies by Sidney Lumet: "...I'd gone to Rome to learn from Carlo Di Palma, the great Italian cameraman. Carlo taught me a vital lesson. When we were picking location: "the secret lay in picking the right place to begin with and then doing as little as possible with it." TheArtFactory offers plethora of options with perfect mix of stages for all production needs.  In film production world TheArtFactory is known as a Hidden Gems of the East Coast and it's best production value.

Find the Right Filming Venue in New Jersey!

Do you work in the photography or videography industry or another multimedia production field? Half the battle of shooting great videos or perfect portraits is finding a filming venue that’s easily accessible and consistently available. Not to mention, recording sound is difficult without the guarantee that you’ll be able to find a quiet space. And if you’re a hobbyist or are new to the area and have little to no knowledge of the best photography or video locations near you, it can be even harder to find filming venues that cater to your needs.


Make your video or photoshoot events easy by renting a filming venue with our team at TheArtFactory! Our New Jersey-based experts rent out a wide variety of photography and film set locations that can serve as beautiful backdrops and creative workspaces alike.


Photography and Film Set Locations

The best photography and film set locations provide you with a place to truly let your creative ideas take flight — and we believe we’ve created that here, only 12 miles from New York City! TheArtFactory’s 5-acre, 21-building campus is an ideal location for your film or photoshoot. Professionals and hobbyists alike agree that there is no other place like it. No fancy catering hall, country club, or rustic barn can compare to this one-of-a-kind, avant-garde production facility in New Jersey.


Shooting a huge film project or working on the next blockbuster? Our facilities are capable of accommodating any and all needs for filming events. You’ll have access to freight elevators, loading docks, and beyond so you can transport all of your staff, equipment, props, and vehicles. You can even consult with our creative team to ensure your project stays on schedule — or just exchange ideas to keep the inspiration flowing.


Industrial Film and Photo Sets

We rent out many different kinds of industrial film and photo sets, from small studio spaces to historic factory buildings. All of them can serve as a fantastic canvas for all of your ideas! Our industrial-concept filming venues are second to none for any and all filming events.


As creatives ourselves, we know our way around the photography and videography industries. Industrial sets are considered especially valuable in these industries because not only are they spacious (which allows for movement of camera equipment, crew members, and more), but they’re also timeless. Whether you’re filming a documentary about the 1800s or you’re trying to depict the world 4,000 years from now, industrial spaces can be customized or made into realistic backdrops with ease.


The trend isn’t just popular among videographers! Many people are catching on to the appeal of industrial spaces and using them as romantic wedding venues, gathering places for coming-of-age celebrations such as bar mitzvahs, and chic spots to host art exhibits.


Photoshoot Venues  

We have many different New Jersey photoshoot venuesavailable for rent, including brick film venues. Whether you’re working on a unique brick photoshoot with clothing models for a product website or you’re looking for a special place to take engagement photos, our brick film venues are the place to capture the magic in real-time. In fact, brick film venues are some of our most highly sought-after rental locations because they make a perfect spot for more than just engagement photos. Not getting engaged anytime soon? We rent out our New Jerseyfilming venues for anything you can think of.


Here are just a few more ways clients have used our spaces for brick photoshoots:


High school and college graduation photoshoots
Baby shower photoshoots
Corporate headshots and other professional photoshoot events
Family reunion photoshoots
Sports team photoshoots
Product advertisement photoshoots and other commercial photoshoots
Modeling photoshoots
And more!


Need More Space? Find It Here

Our available rental spaces are well-suited for many purposes beyond serving as photography and film set locations.TheArtFactory team also wants to hear from you if you need any of the following:


Office space for just about anyone, from artists to auto product suppliers to ad agencies
Venues for corporate events that make it easy to build connections and network with others
Industrial venues so you can host weddings, gatherings, parties, or something totally different


Picture Your Success In Our Filming Venues!

Don’t waste time trying to find an abandoned building or quiet street to take a few hasty snapshots or worrying about background noise making it impossible to film your movie scenes. Ensure your photo or video project goes off without a hitch by renting one of TheArtFactory’s filming venues! Reach out to us today.