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Professional Wedding Planning in New Jersey

As the saying goes, your wedding lasts only one day; your marriage lasts the rest of your life. Whoever came up with that line may have been right about the importance of love and partnership, but they definitely weren’t thinking about how hard planning a wedding can be!

Even if you aren’t throwing an elaborate fairytale-themed wedding, planning a wedding is a massive undertaking. Even before you’ve decided on a venue, deciding what you’ll be doing in regards to food, family, friends, formal attire, and more can all pile up into one big, anxiety-inducing heap — until the very thought of your big day becomes more extra-stressful than extra-special.

Don’t let wedding planning be something you dread. Get help from one of the best wedding planner resources in New Jersey: TheArtFactory! Our team wants to make your wedding experience magical, and that includes taking away the stress of wedding planning.


Planning Your Perfect Wedding Experience

Everyone has different ideas for their own wedding celebrations, and we think that’s one of the coolest parts of wedding planning. Our experts have helped set up just about every type of wedding imaginable, from formal and elegant traditional weddings to culturally diverse international-themed weddings to totally unique ceremonies. Our wedding planning specialists in New Jersey are open to turning any and all wedding fantasies you have into a reality!


Tour Wedding Locations That Will Wow You

Something many people love about wedding planning at TheArtFactory is that because we specialize in renting out wedding venues, you can tour wedding locations on-site! You don’t have to look at pictures online, travel far out of town, or wait until the big day itself to see the place you’ll be tying the knot. You can view wedding venues of all shapes and sizes right in Paterson, New Jersey, on our 300,000 square-foot campus. Looking for something specific like a loft wedding venue or industrial venue? We have both — and more — for you to explore!

We strongly believe that visiting your venue ahead of time, rather than relying on the venue’s website, is an absolutely essential part of wedding planning. That’s because a screen can only show you so much. We’ve heard from many people that they see wedding places online that look perfect, but the places are much less idyllic in person — or have a hidden flaw such as poorly designed parking or terrible traffic.

When you visit wedding spaces in person, you don’t only eliminate possible problems; you also get a feel for the true “vibe” of the location. You’ll be able to picture yourself there, in front of all your loved ones, on one of the best days of your life!


Another reason to come visit our huge selection of New Jersey venues is that we have many options to choose from, all situated in one central location. Some wedding planning experts put a lot of pressure on you to decide on a venue, which can lead to you making a quick, impulsive choice rather than letting your heart lead the way. You don’t have to compromise at TheArtFactory! You can view wedding venues all over our campus, so if a particular place doesn’t seem like the right one for you, you can simply walk a few steps away and check out another.


Your Ultimate Wedding Planner Resource

If you’ve ended up on this page, you’re probably thinking about getting married soon — or daydreaming of the day your significant other finally proposes, and you can get started with wedding planning. If you aren’t looking for a wedding venue right now, TheArtFactory is happy to serve any other venue needs you might have, such as:


  • Engagement party venues for toasting, tasting, and triumphant celebration before the marriage begins
  • Venues for corporate events where you can make business connections, host conventions, or collaborate as a company on a larger scale
  • Filming venues that you can depend on for peace, quiet, and space for all of your equipment
  • Photoshoot venues with perfect backdrops for your projects and opportunities to grow your portfolio


Visit Wedding Spaces Today at TheArtFactory!

Stop searching all over New Jersey to find the perfect wedding planner. The answer to your wedding planning woes is right here in your backyard in Paterson! Come see wedding places that’ll wow you at TheArtFactory today, or contact our wedding planning experts for help creating the wedding ceremony, reception, or afterparty that you truly deserve. We’ll speak with you soon!

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